Poland is very beautiful country with a lot of interesting monuments. We have in here couple, popular cities, like Krakow, Wroclaw or Warsaw, in witch plenty of tourist enjoying their time. But not only those towns are interesting. If you like to see something different, you should visit Katowice. This capital of Silesia is great place for any type of tourist, no matter if you are young, older, or you are travelling with children. You will enjoy it for sure.

Since Poland became member of European Union, we have a lot of options to travel in there. Flights to Katowice are very popular, because this city own one of the biggest airports in this country. You can take a trip for a penny, using cheap airline corporations options. But if you really like to get the best deal, you need to be wise. First of all, if you like to travel to Poland from United Kingdom, for example, you need to choose correct date. Cause a lot of Polish people are living in there, therefore, during important holidays, like Easter or Christmas, they are returning to their home country. So if you want to get cheap flights to Katowice, avoid this terms. Also, during summertime, especially July and August, you can have a hard time to travel for a penny. That is why you better choose June or September – the weather in Poland is very amazing then, flights and accommodation are very cheap. denmark-433491_640
But when you decide to book flights to Katowice, would you find anything interesting in there? For sure! This magical city is maybe not typical polish town, but it is very amazing. First of all, architecture. If you are a fan of Social realism art, you will be glad to be there. A lot of public buildings are design in this movement, and they are renovated very well. Also, you can see in Katowice, great example of Modernism settlement – Nikoszowiec, it use to build as a place to live for workers and their families. If you are a fan of music, you will enjoy Spodek – one of the biggest concert halls in this part of Europe. During entire year, plenty of popular singers from whole around the world having their gigs in there.

When Poland join European Union, a lot of things had change in there. Thanks to that, people from whole Europe are able to visit this magical country very easy, using cheap airline companies. If you decide to go to Poland, select flights to Katowice. This heart of Silesia, very important, historical land, is really vanguard. You can admire in there architecture, enjoy nightlife, go to the concert.