When you are thinking of a future vacations, you are probably wondering about some exotic destinations in Africa or Asia. However not every person like to spend their holidays laying on a beach and do nothing. If you are one of those individual you should consider to visit some of European metropolis, like Wroclaw for example.

How to get there?

Since Poland become member of EU it is a lot easier and cheaper to get there from another, European countries. It is all because of airline companies, which are offering interesting prices for flights. However if you really like to spare some money on that, you need to book your seat fast enough. Cause the longer you will wait the bigger chance is, that you will pay bigger price. Cause carriers are determined to sell everything as soon as possible, so they will tempting at the beginning of sale. In that case, you can pay even 100 zlotys for flight to Wroclaw – in both sides!


This beautiful metropolis has very colorful history, you may also notice it in it architecture. The biggest amount of monuments is situated around the Main Square. The biggest attraction in there is Old City Hall, with amazing, Renaissance design, it is a true symbol of a city. the square is surrounded by many lovely mansions, designed in Baroque, Renaissance and Rococo era. In the ground floors of each you can find restaurants, gift shops, pubs and a lot more. Very close to this area you will find Rzeznicka street, very popular because of Art Nouveau mansions situated in there, you need to see that. Wroclaw is also a home for many monuments from Modernism art. The most popular is the Centennial Hall, designed in the beginning of twentieth century. It is very interesting building in a shape of a circle, it is a place where plenty of cultural events are taking place.

Another attractions

During the summer you have plenty of attractions to explore in Wroclaw. First of all you may visit a local zoologist garden. It was renovated couple of years ago, nowadays it is filled with many exotic animals, like lions, tigers, sand cats and a lot more. Very close to this object you may see a Japanese Garden, very beautiful example of Asian gardening. In this city you can also visit a lot of interesting galleries, like National Museum for example. You need to go there just to see amazing paintings by Witkacy, one of the most popular Polish artists. And if you are fancy for swim, you can use one out of many open swimming pools in there.