When we are planning our future vacations, sometimes we have very big problem to make up our decision about destination. Nowadays, thanks to a lot of options, we can travel wherever we like. But another problem begins when we like to travel by plane and need to choose type of baggage. Which option will be more appropriate, valise or bag?

Baggage regulations

If you are traveling by plane (lot.com) there are limits of bag you can carry on board or to cabin, because the airplane cannot be to heavy. Nowadays, most of the cheap airline companies are offering one, medium baggage for free, it only have to go on board with you. Valise like that is quit big, you may easily fit inside of it plenty of your belongings, not only clothing, but even some cosmetics. However, if you are choosing carry on bag, you need to remember about several regulations. Since terrorists attacks in 2001, airfields whole around the world became a lot more strict when it comes to the items you are able to take with you on board.

Forbidden objects

Because of the fact, that you have constant access to your valise on board, it cannot contains anything that may be dangerous to another passengers or crew. It is, of course, weapon, but also knifes, scissors and any other objects with sharp edges, even umbrella may be suspicious. Another thinks are liquids. You are allowed to bring on board only one liter of fluids, but it must be separated into small, 100 ml tops bottles. You can fit in there all your cosmetics in shape of liquids. If you like to take some food with you, it must be packed into original material, it cannot be anything you prepare on your own.

Registered baggage

Another option is to take registered valise, it can be a lot bigger than medium size one. Also inside you can take a lot more types of things. If you need a lot of various cosmetics or other liquids this option will be more proper for you, cause in register bag there are no regulations about that. Also, if you are visiting your relatives or friends abroad, you may pack for them some delicious, Polish food, it is all right to bring a lot of those. You can even pack some knife or scissors, however weapon is still forbidden, you need to pay for another ticket, and of course have a permission to carry a gun with you. Another thing is a sport equipment. Small objects like a ball (without oxygen inside), or a tennis racket you may fit inside regular bag. However, if you need some equipment for snowboard or scuba diving you have to buy totally different option.