Nowadays, when we like to spend nice weekend in another country, we just need to book a flight and search for proper destination. Therefore, we are travelling a lot more during entire year. If you like to spend couples of days in any decent metropolis, you should go to the Prague, the capital of Czech Republic.

How book cheap flight?

Even if Prague is situated so close to the Polish borders, still the best mode of transportation to get there will be an air plane. Nothing surprising in that, cause if you book a flight fast enough it will be a lot cheaper than bus or a car. However, the date of a purchase is relevant, the best is to book a seat just after announcement of new flight. In that term carriers are providing the best option, just to tempt possible passengers. Also, if you are not afraid of a risk you may look for last minute option. However it is not sure, that you will find something to this location.


Prague is a wonderful capital with plenty of interesting monuments to explore. If you like to see the most of those you need to go to the Main Square. In the middle of this place you will see amazing church of Saint Mary. It has two interesting towers, that looks like from fairy tale. Very close to this temple the City Hall is situated. It is also very beautiful building, but it is popular because of the astronomic clock attached to it. Only couple of minutes walk you need to take to get to the Charles Bridge, the most popular spot in entire city. It is filled with street artists, tourists and gift shop, you will find in there some interesting souvenirs for sure. On the other side of bridge you will find a long road to the top of Hradczany, where amazing Royal Castle is situated. It is worth to climb for it, you will find there very nice museum and interesting chambers with interior design from many different époques.

Another attractions

Beside the typical monuments, Prague also has a lot other attractions to offer. If you are interested in avant-garde district, go the Zizkov, the Jewish area. In there you may explore couple of Synagogues, and also find a house and a statue of brilliant writer, Franz Kafka. Artist used to live in this neighborhood almost entire life. If you like to see some crazy house go to the Dancing Building, which actually looks like they are shaking. In Prague you can also visit several galleries of art. One of the finest is Afons Mucha Gallery, you will find in there plenty of amazing paintings and posters of this painter.