Poland is very interesting and beautiful country, with many fascinating places, worth to be visited. Since it became member of European Union, travelers from whole around the continent are able to visit Poland without spending a fortune on flight, by using cheap airline companies offers. If you are looking for some interesting, but less crowded place in there go to the Szczecin.


Szczecin CityThis capital of Pomeranian voivodship used to be important city inside of Prussian kingdom. That is why we are able to see in there plenty of interesting buildings. Unfortunately during the world war two big part of Szczecin was destroyed, but within next, couple of decades most of the monuments were reconstructed. If you are searching for some nice church, you have to go for a tour to Basilica of Saint Jacob, amazing, Gothic building, formed in the medieval times. Another nice piece of architecture in Szczecin is Old City Hall. This amazing building from seventeenth century was designed according to Mannerism style. The most phenomenal monument in entire city is The Palace of Pomeranian Princes. It is beautiful, Classical piece of architecture, renovated very well. If you like to admire an interior design from various of epoques you have to buy a ticket. Really nice building in the map of Szczecin is Goclaw’s Tower, founded in the late nineteenth century in Romanesqye Revival style.

Another attractions

But Szczecin is not only about breathtaking architecture. It can also offer you many of different attractions, perfect during the summer time. First of all you should go to a trip to Museum of Technology. It is filled with great exponents, like vintage cars, wash machines and other items popular couple of decades ago in Poland. If you are admirer of a beautiful birds, you have a rare opportunity to watch thousands parrots of many different species, situated inside the Parrot House. Szczecin is also known from many of areas of green, situated inside of it. That is why you don’t have to be afraid, that you will be boring during warm day. You can visit Park of Kasprowicz for example. It is very great example of French gardening style. Even if this city is not placed on the se shore, you can enjoy a warm bath in there as well, just go to the Miedwie Lake. It is great spot for windsurfing, sailing, kitesurfing and swimming. During the summer it is filled with citizens and tourists. You can also go for a tour around underground chambers, situated dozens of meters beneath the ground.