Each single year, more and more Polish travelers, especially those younger ones, like to organize holidays by themselves, instead using an offers of travel agencies. If you also like to do that, you should remember about couple of rules you have to fallow. Thanks to that, you will be able to visit interesting destination without spending a fortune at it.


Each vacation planning need to start by knowing more about chosen destination. Plenty of countries requires a special, travel visa from Polish citizens. However, only few documents is really hard to get, the best example will be United States. If you like to visit this distant country, you have to apply for a visa, at leas 6 months before the journey. First you have to book an appointment with consul of America, embassy can be found in Cracow and Warsaw. Booking is available online, however interview need to be in person, so you need to be prepare for a trip to one of those cities. Also, before the interview you should collect several documents. Entire list is available at the official website of American embassy.

Book the cheapest flights

airplaneNo matter which destination you like to visit during future holidays, the faster you book a ticket the low will be price of it. Cause at the very start of sales, airline carriers like to tempting future passengers a bit, by offering very low prices. In most of times this option is available six months before the flight – PLL LOT. If you are going to United States you should get your visa earlier, but it will be valid for at least one year. If you like to save even more cash on ticket, you should consider your luggage. If you are planning to be away for one week you shouldn’t pay extra for registered bag. Carry on luggage is big enough to fit plenty of belongings, even cosmetics are acceptable. But you have to remember, that liquids in your bag shouldn’t be heavier than one kilo, pack it inside small, 100 millilitres bottles and gather into plastic bag.


Your vacation planning won’t be complete without proper accommodation. Most of travel destinations are offering many various options, all depends on condition you prefer. If you like a bit of luxury choose a three stars hotels. You will get your own bathroom, clean sheets and towels and even a TV. Hotels are in a lot more reasonable price, and are situated close to the main monuments. However, in place like that it is huge possibility, that you will be forced to share your room with another tourists.