More than decade ago, after Poland become part of European Union, plenty of Polish individuals move out to another countries looking for a job. The biggest amount of them are in the UK, however also Belgium is very popular country among our compatriots. That is why Cheap airline companies are offering great deals on flights to the capital of this country.

How to find cheap flights?

Even if this destination is very popular, still you have to be smart during booking of tickets. The best option is to start your vacation planning couple months before the flight. After carriers are announcing new flights their prices are very attractive, cause they want to tempt the passengers. Within next week’s price is getting bigger and bigger, so you cannot miss your chance. Thanks to the faster planning you will be also able to book your accommodation in much nicer prices. Cause hotels are using the same policy with prices as flight companies.

The best monuments

brussels atomiumBelgium is very wealthy country also it was rich within past centuries, that is why it is filled with nice architecture. True symbol of the Brussels is the City Hall, nice example of secular, Gothic architecture, very rare. It was constructed in medieval times, however it was destructed in fire, nowadays we are seeing it reconstruction from the nineteenth century. Another decent piece of architecture is the headquarter of Royal Museum, designed in the Classical style in eighteenth century. The head of the Belgium country is a queen, you can visit her main residence the Royal Castle, while visiting capital. Part of it chambers are great examples of interior design from many styles. Another nice example of the Classical architecture is the Palace of Justice, situated in the city center. But Brussels is not only about historical buildings. If you like to see some modern art go to the Atominum statue, situated in the middle of the old town.

Another attractions

One of the nicest parts of sightseeing is possibility of seeing some nice pieces of art. To do so go to the Galeries Royales, filled with many exhibitions, dedicated to the Belgium and European artists, like Rubens, Renoir, Monet, Degas, and a lot more. While being in Brussels you need to track down a statue of Manneken Pis, small boy who is peeing. It is not some modern art, the statue was designed in the sixteenth century. One of the finest attraction of the city is also Mini Europe, amazing exposition of tiny dummers, that represents the most important monuments from Europe.