When spring is coming, a lot of us start to thinking about holiday plans. First, warm days, after cold winter are very enthusiastic, therefore we are dreaming about spending some great time in a magical place. Thanks to cheap airline corporations, we have plenty of various destinations available from Poland. We can use a city break option to visit European metropolis, we can travel to distant continents like Australia or america. But if you like to relax, and visit some monuments, you should consider Greece.

Dozen years ago, only very wealthy families can afford a trip like that. This country were very expensive, and journey by car to this land were taking more then two days. But nowadays everything is different, we can book a flight and during three hours admire beautiful weather. If you like to find cheap airline tickets to Greece, you need to be smart. First of all, you better choose low season. Cause during popular months, like July and August, weather is very hot an people from Poland are not accustomed to that. Also, flights are very expensive and also do accommodation. On the other hand, when you decide to travel during September, you can get airline tickets to Greece for very small price, temperature will be also very warm, and you will enjoy the wide beaches without too much crowd, cause tourists always better like hot season. portugal-1386673_640
But which place in Greece you should visit (www.lot.com)? You have plenty of options. If you like to explore big city, lay on the beach all day long and also see a lot of monuments, the best call will be Athens. But if you are planning to travel with kids, you better choose some Island. Santorini for example is very popular among families, cause it has very luxury hotels, calm beaches, and a lot of attractions for youngest tourists. If you are looking for some elegant resort, try Corfu. It is island most accurate for group of friends, who like to party all night and enjoy the lovely weather next to the seashore. Airline tickets to Greece can be choose to all of those cities above. Also, you can travel from one place to another by ferry, this is good option for all of you, who are having hard time to decide. Whatever you select, your holidays will be magnificent, it is guaranteed.

Greece is very important country, not just in European, but also in world wide culture and history. Thanks to that, we can admire astonishing monuments in all parts of this land. You can choose big city like Athens, calm Santorini, or popular Corfu.