Nowadays, flight tickets are so cheap, that less and less people make a decision to travel by other means of transport. Obviously, sometimes it is still worth to use train or bus, especially in small distances. However, in any other case it is usually much more beneficial to purchase flight tickers. However, in order to find flight tickers in good price, you need to know some basic facts.
First of all, there are many websites that regularly publish the best offers for cheap flights – You can find website both in your language, as well as the international ones, which are conducted in English. There are a lot of such websites, therefore it is obviously impossible to track all of them. Therefore, you should choose a few of them which seem to be the most convenient and interesting for you. Once you choose such websites, you can subscribe to them. Thanks to this function, you will regularly receive e-mail with the best promotions and occasions for various cheap flights. However, it is important to remember about one thing when it comes to such websites. Promotions which are published are usually very attractive. In practise it means, that there are very quickly sold out completely. Therefore, if you find the flight you are interested in, you need to make a decision really fast. Otherwise, other people, who also look for cheap flight, will buy them.

Another possibility, to find plane tickets for a very attractive price is to follow the websites of flight companies. Obviously, there are hundreds of them. Therefore, it is also impossible to follow all of them. However, it would be pretty pointless and useless too. The best option seems to be find a few companies that have flight to and from the country you currently live in. Once you identify them and their website, you will notice that most of them have an option to subscribe for the mailing list. In such e-mails, you will also receive information about promotions for flights.

Furthermore, very often there is also a possibility to set an alert for cheap flights to a specific destination you are interested in. In such case, you will receive an e-mail only If a cheap flight for this specific destination will be available. Furthermore, it is important to know that most of companies have some good promotion on specific day of the week. Usually, it is Monday or Wednesday, but the specific rule need to be check on the  website of the particular company, as there is no general rule for all of them.