Many travellers who have visited Kiev often describe this city as simply unforgettable. Even though the city is relatively young as a capital of Ukraine, it has long a very interesting history. In fact, it is considered to be a place where the whole Slavic civilization had started, long before Ukraine or Russia appeared on any map. Furthermore, Kiev is also often described as a city of amazing contrasts. You can experience both, amazing history and modern trends. Probably that why this city is so magical and inspiring.
Kiev is definitely worth to visit also because it is cheap. If you compare prices of accommodation and meals with any other European capital city, you definitely won’t be regretting choosing Kiev as a holiday destination. Furthermore, there are many flight to Kiev those days. Thanks to pretty big competition between various plane companies, prices are really affordable. Therefore, it is relatively easy to find flight tickets for a very reasonable price. Thanks to all of these factors mentioned above, this city is just perfect for all budget travellers – from backpackers to students. lake-261816_640However, if you look for more “poshy” attractions, you also won’t be disappointed. As many oligarchs live in Kiev, this city offers also many very exclusive places, restaurants and clubs. In other words – it does not really matter if you are a budget traveller or you look for such luxury. You will definitely find something for yourself in Kiev! It is also a perfect destination for every age group – young people will definitely enjoy amazing night life. Older generation, will fall in love with historical sights. Doesn’t such blend sound amazing? If it does, you should definitely buy your flights to Kiev!
Kiev is also a perfect city for everybody who is interest in arts. For example, there are outstanding mosaics created by Vladimir Ovchinnikov. Even the history of those mosaics is really exciting. Their author was working for many years as a director of the Museum of Western and Oriental Art. During these years, he was also working on these mosaics. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending how we look at this), he was not allowed to put them on the museum. Therefore, he decide to decorate with them the walls of the museum’s courtyard. Thanks to this, you can admire those amazing pieces of art outside. However, if you are a fan of art you will find there also many other very interesting places. It might be enough to mention such places as for example PinchukArtCentre, Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko National Museum of Arts as well as Museum of Russian Art.