Many people think, that weekend is not enough to see and discover a new city. In consequence, they spend another weekend at home. It might be a huge mistake. In fact, there are plenty of cities which are just perfect for a short, weekend trip.
One of those cities is definitely Berlin ( Even if you go there only for two days, you will have a chance to see many new amazing sites, as well as discover a local culture and atmosphere of this magical city. In fact, Berlin, the capital city of Germany, has plenty to offer to any visitor. It doesn’t really matter if you are a fan of history or a lover of modern art. One thing is sure – you will definitely find something perfect for yourself in this amazing city. Furthermore, the city is really well connected with all European countries. And this is another reason why Berlin is such a perfect destination for a weekend trip. You do not have to waste plenty of time to reach the destination. In fact, there is a plenty of flight and even train connections that will allow you to get to the city quick and comfortable. Thanks to this, you will still have plenty of time to actually visit and discover the city during the weekend. So what you should see once you are there?

First of all, you should definitely see the symbol of the city – the Brandenburg Gate. It is visible on every postcard and on the front page of many tourists guides about Berlin. The Gate was built in 1791 and is the great example of German classicism. It was one of many other old city gates. Nowadays, it is the only remaining city gate. Furthermore, in times when city was divided into East and West Berlin, the gate represented the separation. Nowadays, it is a symbol of the unity of Belin. Another place, strictly connected with already mentioned division into East and West Berlin, is the Berlin Wall Memorial. This is a perfect place to learn more about difficult but fascinating history about the Berlin Wall. It is 1,4 kilometre long and has various interactive displays, that will allow you to understand what was the reason for building the wall, and what effect it has for people’ lives. Furthermore, you will be able to see hearth breaking photographs of many victims of the wall, including children. Even though it might be sad, it is definitely worth to visit and understand. You should also see the Reichstag, which is the seat of the German parliament. It is worth to know that if you book the appointment online, you will have a chance to visit the top of the building, from where you could admire the amazing view on the whole Berlin!