If you asked your friends or family members, what is the most romantic city in the entire world, most of them would probably answer: Paris. In fact, most people in the world believe, that this is really the most romantic tourist destination. Therefore, it is definitely a place, which everybody should visit at least once in their lifetime.

If you have not been to Paris yet, you should definitely visit this romantic city somehow soon. Especially, if you have somebody to take there with you. Your second half will definitely enjoy this city as well as its magical and romantic atmosphere. In fact, this city is a perfect place to give your relationship some new fire. Paris seems to be built for couples and people who are in love! There are plenty of romantic sites you can visit together! One of them is definitely the famous Eiffel Tower. Even though it might seem to be a little cliché, and there are many couples around, it is still very unique experience. There is a reason why there are some many marriage proposals in this place every single month. It is because the place is extremely romantic, no matter how busy and cliché it might seem to be. There are many different options what you and your second half can do there. First of all you can get on the top of the Eiffel Tower and admire breath-taking, panoramic view of the city. You can also simply walk around the Tower, as there are plenty of nice spots around. There is even a place which is perfect for the picnic! You can pack the bottle of wine, glasses and famous French baguette, and have a perfect dinner with you second half right next to the famous building!

However, there are also many other romantic sites in Paris (only with LOT), which are not that well known. Thanks to this, there are less busy. One of them is undoubtedly the Island of the Temple of Love. It is located right in the middle of a lake, which is in the largest public park, commonly known as the Bois de Vincennes. The temple was built in 1860 and is perfect for a romantic moment. It is especially a good place to admire the sunset or a sunrise. There are two ways of reaching the island. First one is to take the bridge. The second one, that might be even more romantic, is to take the small boat. There is also one more reason to visit this amazing place – right under it there is a great cave! And it is also romantic in a way. Especially, if you will be discovering it together. One thing is sure – every second half will highly appreciate taking her for such an extraordinary trip!