In present times people in Europe are able to travel whole around the continent very quick and cheap. It is all thanks to small airline carriers, which are available since dozen years. If you are interested in city break idea, but you don’t have a clue where to go, maybe you will consider Prague? This amazing city is filled with fascinating attractions for each type of traveler.


Tour around the Prague you should start with the old square. In the center of it stands amazing Rathaus, with astronomical clock, the oldest one in entire world, and still working! Probably the most sophisticated building on the square is church of Our Mary before Tyn. This medieval piece has two amazing towers, which are looking like from fairy tale. Prague is a typical city build according to Magdeburg’s rights. That is why entire square is surrounded by magnificent mansions, mostly Baroque and Classical. Because of that fact each day old square is filled with tourists Pragafrom whole around the world. Couple minutes walk from square you will reach the Charles’s Bridge, another important place in this city. Constructed in fifteenth century, bridge is a great spot to make a picture with wonderful view. On another side of it the road to Hradczany begins. You have to climb at the top of the hill to get to this amazing castle, but it is worth it. It use to be a main residence of Czech’s royal family, now it is head quarter of the president –

Another attractions

But Prague is not only great architecture, but also less conventional attractions. One of the first ice pubs was opened in here couple of year ago. You can go there to sit in the igloo, ice very cold beverages and have fun. But remember to dress up very worm, it is always cold inside of ice pub. On the center of Prague you are able to see exhibition of paintings by Alfonse Mucha, notable artist, one of the leaders of Art Nouveau. The collection is amazing, even people not interested in art should go to see it. Another great spot on Prague’s map is John Lennon wall. This artifact is filled with graffiti’s and murals about this famous musician, pictures first started to appear after Lennon’s death.

While being in this capital don’t miss the Dancing House, amazing piece of modern art. In Prague you can get to know a lot about Jewish history in this city. Not only you can visit huge museum about this nation, but also take a tour around Josefov, former Jewish quarter. One of the biggest attractions is a Franz Kafka’s house.