In Poland you could find plenty of interesting tourist destination. If you like to admire some Modernism and Art Nouveau architecture, you need to go to Wroclaw. In search of some history, better visit Krakow. And if you love old, Post-Industrial atmosphere, you could find Lodz very attractive. And what about the capital, Warsaw? It use to be beautiful city, but after war, most of the monuments were destroyed. But nowadays, you could visit a lot of interesting attractions, not only this historical ones.Warszawa-panorama_z_fabryki_rteci

True signature of Warsaw is Palace of Culture and Science, for sure. It was a give from Soviet Russia to Polish people, couple of building like that you could notice in Eastern Europe. If you decide to go up stairs, you could admire the spectacular panorama over the entire city. It is very charming. And the building itself, is very great example of Socrealism movement in architecture. If you like to spend some romantic time with your beloved one, you need to visit Royal bath. You will find there beautiful palace, raised in Classical style, beside the calm lake, great place for long, nostalgic walk. The same is with Wilanow – similar mood, and great spot, most of the citizens love spending time in here. You could ren a boat and relax during your trip along the lake side. And during your trip along the old town of Warsaw, take a look at Royal Castle – the last resident of Polish kings, it is very spectacular building.

But Warsaw is not only about architecture, but also about… war. Yes, you could find there great mementos from World War Two. First, you need to visit Museum of Warsaw Uprising, very hard period in history of Poland. Historians are still fighting over this case, most of theme are thinking, that this uprising was bad. But science beside, a lot of great souvenirs you could find in this gallery. Pictures of insurgents, some of them very young, almost kids. You can flight to Warsaw – check: Maps, letters and many various things. Another interesting exhibition is Museum of Polish Jews. it is monument of all those people who died in this city and in Poland. whole families of Jews were killed. You could find their pictures, letters, books about theme and a lot of multimedia pieces, like movies and sounds from war ang Warsaw ghetto.

Warsaw is very interesting place, with great, but mostly sad history. You could find in here couple spectacular, royal palaces, and great examples of Socrealism architecture. Also, if you are interesting in World War Two, you need to visit couple of exhibitions about it.