The capital of Lower Silesia is rich in historical monuments, places and alleys that are worth visiting. And not all find in a typical guidebook. To see them all and to each spend at least a moment, not just a few days. And even a few days, it may be too short to see the whole area. However, you can route a day and see at least some of the most interesting places.

The town was founded in Lower Silesia on the Oder River at the time of its creation was important not only economic but also defensive. To this day, it is not entirely clear the history of its creation, on the one hand we are talking about Piasts as founders of the city of Wroclaw, on the other hand, we have long periods in the history of Wroclaw during which remained under the domination of Germanic peoples. About this issue we will be looking at more themes coat of Wroclaw. As a characteristic part of a black eagle with a slim silhouette, which on the one hand, refers to the motives of German. This is easily seen by comparing this element of motifs common in towns in Lower Silesia. On the other hand, you can find information on the use of this type of eagle as the Piast theme. One of the most famous sights is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Wrocław_Dworzec_GłównyThe current, fourth cathedral is essentially derived from the Gothic period. Preceded it, however, three other churches located in the same place. It is very distinctive and attracts many tourists. The current shape is the result of Baroque additions and contemporary restaurant after the war. He is considered the first fully Gothic church in what is now Polish. Another interesting place is the building of the University of Wroclaw. The complex was built by the Jesuits, admired not only to admire it from the outside. He made quite an impression on us, because between the draughty corridors and staircases felt a little breeze of history. It is necessary to enter the Aula Leopoldina with magnificent frescoes and paintings. You can sit and rest for a moment in such a great environment. Besides necessarily come in this Hall of Music and Mathematical Tower which offers a panoramic view of the city. Next to it is an interesting baroque church forming part of the complex.

Wroclaw is a fantastic place to spend a weekend either, and all the free week. In addition to visiting we try the local cuisine or visit the local pubs. There is also a zoo where we can spend a whole day with their children. But if we want to move on to Wroclaw will be a great place to start your onward journey.