At the first moment, Munich amazed me with its Bavarian charm and a huge number of attractions. What actually is worth seeing in Munich, and what you can do to spend a pleasant time?

At the very beginning I was enchanted of the “Glockenspiel” on Marienplatz! Everyday at 11:00, 12:00 and 17:00 on the central square of the city, you can see scenes from its history. On the two floors of the Town Hall clock, are activated puppets chime, showing two historical events Munich life: the wedding of William V. Renata von Lothringen and coopers dance.

In sunny weather, you might want to climb the tower of the church of St. Handles from Munich called the “Old Peter”. You have to overcome 306 steps, but this effort will be rewarded with wonderful views to us. When visibility is good, you can even see the peaks of the Alps.

“Viktualienmarkt” combines city life with the Munich tradition and Arabic climate. You can purchase a variety of exotic and homemade deli, fresh fruit and cold cuts. Here you can relax and enjoy a meal in a centrally located beer garden, or enjoy the manifold kitchen after a long day of sightseeing and exploring the city.Munich

Not everyone likes visiting museums, but to the “Deutsches Museum” should go, and even necessary. The enormous halls you can see exhibits on various fields of technology, industry and science. You can see the first electric locomotive construction Werner Siemens, the first German combat submarine or airplane the Wright brothers. It should also look to the observatory with planetarium.

If we did not have enough luck to visit Munich during the “Oktoberfest” is necessarily a visit to the “Hofbräuhaus”, which dates back 1,589 years. This is a historic brewery and brew pub manor with Bavarian specialties, often considered the most famous pub in the world. It was a favorite place of Adolf Hitler, today became one of the highlights from Munich and international tourists.

Kultfabrik Munich is the largest entertainment area, bringing together more than 25 clubs, discos, bars, concert halls and restaurants. Who wants to revel in the many discos in Kultfabrik München must hurry. In the coming years it is planned its demolition for office buildings.

It is only a few things you need to do in Munich (click here). Visiting few of these places will allow us to know the city a little. Women necessarily have to visit the shops and department stores in Munich, while the Gentlemen go to match “Bayern Munich” in the Allianz Arena!

So when you are planning a weekend in Munich?