It seems to me that of Greece and its culture has heard each. However, not everyone had the opportunity to find out for himself. Recently, more and more Poles want to see the real Greece and not just listen to the story. Visiting Athens is the most interesting way to spend a vacation! So what should we visit?

At the very beginning of our list is the Acropolis and the Theatre of Herod. It is known to all, besieged and some may be trite, but it is a place that simply must be seen. Some feel the magical aura of antiquity and others visit the area “because I have to,” and “because maybe something is in it.” In Acropolis amazing is the fact that the place has survived thousands of years and flourished especially around the 5th century AD, at a time when many European countries did not even exist. In turn, the theater is partially destroyed, and although not easy to find a good place for his photograph is worth to hunt for concerts, which in this place from time to time take place. It must be an amazing experience the listening to performances in a place where people did this already 2000 years ago.

Another point that captivated me in Athens is an exhibition in the subway. We are accustomed to admire the monuments in museums, sometimes – as in Rome – on the streets. Athens surprise us with unusual exhibition created in the subway. You can see what has been discovered during the construction of the subway in the years 1993-2000.

AtenyThe cemetery probably is not on the list of tourist destinations, but this is unique. More like a park, where someone decided to bury loved ones. It located in the center of the city and its charm comes from the fact that it is surrounded by Athenian architecture and ancient buildings. On the ground are grave slabs and eyes attract beautiful sculpture. They are singing birds, blooming poppy, rustling grass. This place is so abstract that you have to feel it.

If you get tired of admiring the architecture of this time to improve the humor. You must see the changing of the guard. On both sides of the square stands in the shade, with guard booths, two guys. They have colorful clothes, funny cap with a “ponytail” … and shoes with pompons. They stand, people do with them shooting until coming to a full hour. Dressed festively soldiers begin to march, while improving the leg, waving them and twisting.

And for dessert, I suggest Athens at night. Illuminated Athens and the Acropolis in the distance a beautiful wydik. You can spend the evening in one of the bars at Monastiraki Square, or do something more crazy. However, this is an option for the brave. In the district of Gazi is a crane platform. Several times a day you can taste on the food and cocktails molecular cuisine. 25m above the ground, sometimes even 50. An unforgettable experience. And great views which you will not see anywhere.

I hope you like my idea to explore Athens –