Rome is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world. Millions of people every year travel to this magical city, and this trend will definitely not change in the nearest future. Therefore, if you haven’t yet been to this magical city, you should definitely change it and visit it during the upcoming holidays.
This magical city is the capital of Italy. However, it also used to be the capital city of the famous Roman Empire. Thanks to those facts, Rome has both – amazing modern attractions and facilities, as well as extremely interesting and fascinating history and old buildings. Thanks to this, every visitor can admire this amazing mix of present and past. Furthermore, Rome is also another capital. Which one? Capital of the Catholicism. You need to admit, that it would be very hard to find any other city in the entire world, who can be an example of the capital of equally important 3 things. Because of this, Rome is a very unique city and it is also very difficult to find even similar city in the entire world. Therefore, Rome is definitely one of those places that everybody should see and visit at least once in the entire lifetime.  One thing is for sure – everybody who visits this city, simply falls in love with it. Many people make even a decision to change their live and move to this magical city permanently. dogs-1642392_640
So what you can experience and see if you make a decision to visit Rome ( during the upcoming holidays? There are many amazing and beautiful places to see. However, to be able to see all of them you should stay in Rome for at least few months. Unfortunately, many people cannot spend that much time discovering a new places. In such case, there are a few “must see”, which you should definitely discover, One of them is the famous Colosseum.Once the Rome was a capital of the Roman Empire, the Colosseum was the largest amphitheatre in the whole Empire. This place was a scene of many famous fights and events. Most likely you have even seen it in plenty of movies. This was a place, where gladiators and / or criminals were fighting to death with lions and other dangerous animals. Even though it might seems to be a little cliché, it definitely cannot be skipped while visiting Rome. Another place located in Rome, that should be definitely visited during a trip to Rome, should be the Vatican Museums (locals called it Musei Vaticani). This museums houses the most important and well-known works of art. Even if you are not a big fan of an art, you will definitely appreciate it!