An encounter with history may be an unusual way to spend a holiday. Of course, you must first properly choose a place and manner of this meeting, but for anyone who has an open mind and an interest in a little bit of history of the world it can be a remarkable experience. You just need to keep in mind that everything should be earlier planned, booked and checked. In some places, you should pre-book tickets or a place for yourself, as this may be the place snapped. Either way, you should consider all the elements of logistics and plan anything that you can . And where best to meet up with the story?

There are plenty of interesting places and cities in the World – It is impossible to identify one that could pass for the best, unique. For each of us, this place will be somewhere else. It is, however, very good to visit them as much as possible, to find for yourself the one and only, favourite place. A great idea and would meet with the history is, undoubtedly, a place that the story is imbued, permeated, where feels it in every street and every square. It is omnipresent. Such a place is Moscow – you can fly with
Moscow is the capital of Russia and at the same time is also the largest city in the country. Not only that, Moscow is also the largest city in Europe, and the centre of interesting cultural, economic, educational and tourist events. This is a hughe city, which can not be explored in a few days. This is a place that every day surprises you, enchants and changes the man who visits it. It teaches openness and being vigilant to the world around us. Moskow

Moscow is the capital city since the thirteenth century, when it was the main city of the Duchy of Moscow. Over the years, the various and numerous transformations of the country, economic changes and political ones, invariably Moscow, was the seat of the most important authorities. This undoubtedly influenced how the city looks today, as it is organized, and thus also how it works. In addition, it is also the capital of the Orthodox Church, which in Russia is the dominant religion.
While in Moscow you must visit Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Donskoy Monastery, Bolshoi Theatre, streets Arbat and Novy Arbat, and are just a few of the more important places. Just make sure you have a list of them, so you don’t miss anythig important! It also sample local specialties and regional cuisine. Residence can not be complete without a visit to at least a few museums, exhibitions and theater performances or ballets, of which Russia and Moscow, is known simply. Visit to Moscow is a very interesting trip.