Business trip to Paris? Lunch with investors at Champ Elysees? Nights at five stars hotels? If your work send you to this magical city, you have to have tour around after hours, specially if you have never been here before. It is number one tourist place in Europe, you won’t be bored here for sure, cause as they say that you have to be in Paris at least for a month, to see most of it attractions.


French cuisine is known as the most sophisticated. smelly cheeses, expensive champagnes, snails and frog’s legs – there is just a tip of the iceberg. Daily food of regular Frenchmen is much more simpler. Croissant and coffee with milk for breakfast, baguette with cheese and olives for lunch, ratatouille for dinner. If you are not a fan of fancy meals, you will find something for yourself in every restaurant. So go for a lunch not to your hotel’s lobby, but to one of regional bistro, it something simple but delicious, and don’t forget about one glass of wine with your meal, it is good for digestion.


During your trip to Paris, you have to see at least one Museum. If you have no idea about art, and you just want to see something fancy, you should visit Louvre. You will find there a Mona Lise portrait, piece of art that everyone know. Also, there are most of classics you heard about in school. If you are more into culture, you have to visit Musee d’Orsay. Impressionism, Post impressionism, Fauvism and many, many more painters , are gathered there. have you heard about The Luncheon on the Grass? You will be able to see it there, it is spectacular. If you are an admirer of modern art, you would like Pompidou Gallery – Pop-Art, Surrealism, Abstract paintings – you will find it all there.

Signature of Paris

Do you know that Eiffel Tower were planned to be tear down after twenty years? But tourists and inhabitants loved it so much, that government allowed it to remain. Thanks to that, even today you are able to climb this structure. If you are to lazy to use a stairs, there are elevators ready to take you to the top, but the queues are huge. There are three levels, second has glass ground – you will see everything trough it. Also, you could grab a beer there, and have some meal in the restaurant with a view.

Are you not thrill about your trip to Paris? Even if you have to make some business in there, it is still spectacular city, even after hours. Think about an interesting trip and book tickets through this website. Long walks trough Elysees Fields, after lunch with investors, climbing Montmare or Eiffel Tour, glass of excellent wine in local pub – all of it are waiting for you in there.