For most of the people, favorite way of spending holiday is lying on a beach, getting tan, and swim in the sea. All of it with accompaniment of exotic cocktails, sometimes without alcohol. Some nice and cozy hotel, with clean towels and bedding, open buffet all night and day, and free beverages. Sounds like vacations in Egypt or Turkey? No, it is Odessa.

City itself is very unusual. Build in the end of eighteenth century, was Russian response for lack of seaside resorts in Black Sea area. You won’t find there ancient architecture, or typical touristic attractions, but Odessa is very magical city, once you visit it, you are coming back next year, for sure.

Pushkin Museum

If you are a fan of literature and you love Russian poetry, you cannot miss this exhibition during your visit in Odessa. This object gathers over thousands letters of Pushkin, personal items like jackets, sweaters, collection of pipes and so on. There are also plenty of portraits of artist as a young man. The bigger attraction of museum, is huge collection of manuscripts, even famous “Eugene Oniegin” is there!

Stairs of Potiomkov

This object was create at the beginning of twentieth century, and became a symbol of Odessa. Walk trough 193 stairs is main point of every traveler’s holiday in this magical city. There are situated between old town and harbor, so you may arrange romantic walk during evening time. At the tom of stairs, stands statue of Richelieu, first mayor of Odessa, thanks to him it become port with international connections.

Walk trough the city

Primorskij Boulevard is lovely spot for tourists, and their favorite destination. Here was build statue of Alexander Pushkin, the most famous citizen of Odessa. At the end of it begins Dieribasowskaj’s street, it is charming promenade with coffee houses, restaurants, gifts shops, florists. In nineteenth century, Mickiewicz and Mendelejew use to live at this street. If you are architecture fun, you have to check out Opera building, create in 1885. If you like to see it inside, you have to buy a ticket for concert.


If you like to feel like real tourist, you need to put your feet into Black Sea! The best beaches are reserved for hotels, so if you prefer this way of spending time during your holiday, make sure to pick hotel with the biggest beach. If you are staying in some apartment located far away  from sea, you could use one of public beach, but there are a lot of people every time.

Odessa is totally different then rest of the Ukraine. Of course, it is much more expensive, but also much more modern. You can feel here, like you were at the riviera coast in France. This is place really worth to be seen.