Poland is really popular travel destination for tourists from whole around the world. One of their favourite city in the country is Wroclaw, which used to be part of Germany. Thanks to that fact architecture of the city is amazing, entire area is filled with interesting buildings from each style of art. If you like to visit this metropolis you shouldn\’t miss the finest attractions.


WroclawIn the center of Wroclaw you will find the Main Square, filled with beautiful architecture. Entire area is surrounded by amazing mansions from Baroque, Rococo and Renaissance style. In the centre of Square you will be able to admire an Old City Town. It was designed in the medieval times, and within next centuries it changes a lot. If you like to see nice examples of Art Nouveau mansions you can go to the Rzeznicza street, it is filled with this. People who are fans of Modernism in architecture shouldn\’t miss the trip to the Centennial Hall, extraordinary structure, formed in the beginning of twentieth century.

Open air attractions

During warm, sunny days in Wroclaw you have plenty of options to try. First of all you can visit the local zoologist garden. It was rebuilded few years ago, you will see there many species of animals from each part of the world. Close to this object lays the Japanese Garden, where you can feel like in the oriental country. It is very peaceful and beautiful object. If you like to see even more plants you should go to the Botanical Garden, filled with Polish and exotic plants. In the area of Wroclaw you will find many different swimming pools with open air – only with PLL LOT. The most modern object is Aquapark, it has big beach and a lot of attractions for adults and children. People who like to spend an active day can take a tour to the Sobotka. It is small city, situated couple of kilometres from Wroclaw, where you will find a track to the top of Sniezka mountain. It is not very hard road, even families with children are enjoying it.

Another attractions

City is very popular, academical area, plenty of students and other young people are living in here. That is why the night life of metropolis is very authentic. Most of the pubs and night clubs are situated on the Main Square or very close to it. Part of clubs are opened for free, in some, mostly disco ones, you have to pay for ticket to enter. As a large city, Wroclaw is also filled with interesting galleries. If you are an admirer of art, you have to go to the National Museum. It is interesting collection of Polish and European painters.