Nowadays people in Poland have plenty of ideas for holidays each year. Since last decade, using cheap airline connections, we were able to travel whole around the continent in very great price. If you are looking for decent destination for future trip you should start to plan the journey couple months earlier.

It will be a lot cheaper option to choose.

The best date

Most of Polish citizens are working in offices, which are guaranteeing free day during holidays and important events. It is great option, but it is not good for vacation planning. If you want to travel for a song, you shouldn’t book a ticket during longer weekends, too many people are interested, therefore airline companies are giving higher prices. Better option is to book regular Monday or Friday off at work and organize your private, longer weekend.

Destination is the key

Of course price of plane ticket is strictly connected with location you wish to visit. If you like to travel by plane (, you need to pick a city with cheap airline carriers Gubalowkaconnections available. Only using this option you can travel for a penny. Also, you have to remember, that cities in which Polish people are working abroad, like London or Amsterdam, are more expensive. Airline carriers know, that connections are popular, so they don’t have to offer special deals on that. Very great option is Paris, if you do vacation planning fast enough, you can buy very cheap ticket.


When You want to visit some big metropolis, you have to book some hotel before you go there. Most of the European capitals has plenty of hotels available, this is the most reasonable option. But to find great deal you should book your room using international, accommodation website. In one place you can choose among various options. Also, when you choose low season your room can cost even less.

Additional cost

When we are traveling by plane with cheap carriers, we have to check were we are going to land on destination point. Unfortunately smaller carriers are using airports situated many kilometers outside the center.

For example, to get from the airport to the center of Paris you have to pay 18 euro for a bus ticket and travel 1,5 hour! But there are also cities with airports in great area, like Toulouse, where airfield is located couple minutes car drive from city center.

You future vacations can be very cheap, but you should do vacation planning as fast as possible. Thanks to that you will save a lot of pocket money.