The climate in the Nordic countries is quite diverse – it all depends on where you will go. Southern and central Norway is in the temperate zone of the marine, where the average temperature in the warmest month – July the most popular for travelers- in Oslo we can expected 16,4 degrees centigrade, in Copenhagen the average temperature is 16,5 degrees centigrade and in Stockholm it is 17,5 degrees centigrade.The northern parts of Norway and Sweden are located next to the Arctic climate zone.What will be in our luggage it depend on, among others, weather conditions and these, as we know, in Scandinavia tend to be rather changeable.
Therefore, despite the summer season, we should not forget about warm clothing – wearing a fleece, jacket-proof (and umbrella, usefull during walking), comfortable waterproof shoes (for mountain or trekking), a warm sweater and cap. You should also remember that it is better to wear several layers of lighter clothing, because it is easier to adapt to current weather conditions.

Among travel accessories you should also take a sunglasses with filter (indispensable not only during hot weather, but also during a trips to the glacier to protect the eyes from sunlight reflecting from the surface), the appropriate sunscreen, agent against insects (especially mosquitoes) and sandals as a lighter alternative for shoes.
traditional-swedish-village-1207400-640x480Before you start a trip, you should plan it – there are the traditional maps and guides or the benefits of civilization in the form of GPS navigation on your phone or a separate device.You can also think about the devices combine several different functions and therefore more useful on the go.
Scandinavia is a great option for people who appreciate the beauty of nature – fjords, mountains and vast plateaus and like to spend time in active way: cycling, Nordic walking or canoeing.

If we do not want to limit ourselves to a peaceful cycling or walking after Malmö and exploring the sights and we think about something more extreme, we should take to our luggage the appropriate equipment. In the case of expeditions to the glacier we should stock up on, among others, poles, crampons, ice ax and rope. What is more, if you do not plan to stay in a hotel, but on a campsite or in a wooden house called “hytte”, you should bring a sleeping bag (it is enough for a temperature range of +5 to -10 degrees centigrade) and the equipment needed for camping.
It is also worth remember albout photographic equipment, sports cameras or binoculars – Scandinavia is full of stunning views and diverse geographical landscapes. The photography of them would definitely be a good souvenir from the vacation.