Nowadays people travel a lot. You don’t need to have a lot of money to travel. Now time is more precious. People choose a different way of transport. Young people are traveling by hitchhiking, another choose train, buses, blablacar or eventually flights. You can go for cheap flights or regular airlines. All of them become cheaper and more and more accessible.
Looking for cheap flights is also quite easy (PLL LOT), but you need to know where to look for. Very useful are multi searches. You can find there not only most popular destinations but also other flights. You just write the departure and arrival place and the website are searching for the best offer. You can tick only direct flights or also the close airport. Sometimes you can also choose the option “everywhere”. It is a good idea for everyone who doesn’t have a lot of money or like spontaneous trips. There ale also special websites where people are publishing best deals. If you have enought time to look for mistakes and really cheap options you can be an active member and gain access to hidden information about even cheaper offers. It requires quite a lot of time, though. For people LOTwho doesn’t have to worry about money, the main airlines will be the best option. More space in an airplane and better condition by booking or in the case of delays or cancellation are worth to take into consideration. If you’re flying a lot you may gain special silver or gold card for regular customers. Some airlines are doing their best to encourage clients to travel with them. During the break between your flights you might have free city tour with a tourist guide. Another big advantage of official airlines is that arrivals are always relatively close to the city center. The budget airlines are using usually airports outside the city. Sometimes may turn out that bus or train ticket to the city center are more expensive than the flight itself. Time is also important, it might take even 1,5 hour to get to the city center. It can be really problematic if you are choosing night flights. After all, people are more experienced and looking for a flight is not as stressful as a few years ago. It’s the quickest and the safest, contrary to appearances, the mean of transport, so in the future, it will be more and more supporters this type of traveling. Airplanes give us a possibility to fly and take a look at earth from a different perspective. We should use it and enjoy it as much as possible. Engineers are constantly working on improving the technical details so hopefully there will be less and fewer accidents.