In the earlier history, Vienna use to be a Paris of the central Europe. All of cultural events were taking part in here. Because of it, no wonder that, even now, this city has a lot to offer for tourists. If you are planning some business trip to this capital of Austria, maybe you will consider to take a tour around town? It is really worth to be explore.

Tiergarten Schonbrunn

If you like an animals you need to go to Zoology Garden. It is one of the biggest place like that in Europe, and one of the few with real Panda bear in it. It is so huge, that you can spend whole day in here, especially, that there are many restaurants and burs in here. If you want to see animals in the best form, you should check out the feeding hours before your visit. There are also part with farm animals, where you can feed these beautiful creatures for yourself. The most charming is area with youngest inhabitants, favorite spot for children.

Wiener Prater

It is favorite place for inhabitants of Vienna. It use to be a hunting area, but now people just hang out here with their friends and families. You will find here huge, sixty-five meters tall ferris wheel. It run very slowly, so you will be able to admire the beautiful panorama at top of it. Also you can take a ride on very fast roller-coaster, have fun in haunted house or at carousel. It is very big object, but there is train with a lot of stops, going trough it. Vienna

Leopold Museum

If you like to see some objects of art, you have to visit it. Is the newest gallery in Vienna, opened by Leopold family in 2001, it showed their family collection. You will find here a works of modern artists, like Gustav Klimt, Oscar Kokoshka, Egon Schiele or Richard Gerstle.  There are key paintings, drawings and art forms of Austrian Secession movement, popularized by works of Klimt. You will be able to admire there all of the major pieces of this area, from late ninety century to the present times. Also, it is largest exhibition of Schiele’s works in the entire world.


It is the largest greenhouse in Vienna, gathered plants from whole around the world, it was opened in late ninety century. The biggest attraction is 350 years-old olive tree, donated by Spain. Place is divided for couple parts, according to the climate zones. You will observe there plants from very cold and tropical area. must seen for botany enthusiasts.

Vienna is a place where you can spend a very nice time – go with PLL LOT. Admire the nature, observe beautiful paintings, have fun in amusement park – all of it after hours.