Ideas for a holiday can be many. Everyone has a different style to rest because likes other forms of recreation, has different expectations for their holidays. Many are also those people who simply are looking for interesting leisure activities. They are open to suggestions, not rigidly stick to their ideas, just looking. For such people, the proposal, which is a holiday in the city should be very interesting alternative for all forms of recreation and tourism. The more that the town, which even sometimes suggested, is mainly popular tourist resorts. Meanwhile, visiting cities that tourists are rather niche can be a much more interesting.
One such city is Rzeszow ( The city itself is fairly well known, hears about it sometimes. However, this is not too popular destination of tours and trips. Among children and adolescents living in southern Poland, is perhaps the direction of travel, but it is rather a local trend. Neither the national nor the more international tourist traffic, not too heavily visited Rzeszow. And this is a mistake, because it is a very interesting and extremely beautiful city.
As already mentioned, Rzeszow is located in the southern Poland. It is the capital of the Podkarpackie Province. In the city, there is an international airport and the Lower Carpathians Park Scientific – Technical. This is a very important and significant points of the city, because determine the pace of its development. The city is also a small university center, there is Rzeszow University and the Rzeszow University of Technology and a number of non-state universities. Rzeszow
Geographically, Rzeszow is located on the border of the Sandomierz Basin and Foothills Środkowobeskidzkiego in the valley Wisłok. This arrangement causes that vicinity of the city are very beautiful and unusual green areas, hiking and walking, which provide unique and breathtaking views. Consequently, even a lover of nature can found in Rzeszow something for himself.  You should see the nearby nature reserve called Lisia Góra and around the river. All this makes a great and unique impression. It’s just a beautiful nature.
The city has numerous theaters, cinemas and museums. It takes many varied and interesting festivals and cultural events. All this makes the town is very lively and offers not only residents, but also visitors with a very interesting leisure opportunities. You should go there and see the possibilies, which city gives you. You can be sure, that you will not get bored there. You will be still busy.