Many people rest in the city associated with something a little not interesting. Holidays in the city or vacations in the city raises associations that you have failed to organize any better, it was not interesting idea. Nothing could be further from the truth. Holiday in the city can sometimes be great, great fun indeed, provided that the well be chosen destination city, and staying in it is carefully planned. You will need a good plan to get a maximum sightseeing experience. “Better safe than sorry”, they say, and it’s true – sometimes, without carefully planed trip you can get lost in a large city.

A good idea for this tour is definitely Warsaw. Warsaw is the capital of Poland, which is now in the phase of real prosperity. The city is extremely diverse, varied which made it very interesting and extremely engaging. Visiting Warsaw is certainly an great idea for the holiday.
WarsawWarsaw not always has been the capital of the country. Granted this status in the course of the history of the Poland state by virtue of their location. This is perhaps the most centrally located city in the country. As a result, access to Warsaw is similar from the farthest corner of Poland. That was the purpose of the transfer of the capital and almost managed to accomplish it.
It is the city of contrasts and surprises. In addition to the beautiful climate and extremely old town with modern buildings, skyscrapers and office buildings. Communication around the city is very well organized, so that you can get almost anywhere using city funds. Disposal, to travel around the city, we have buses, trams, metro and urban queue.
Warsaw is also a city of monuments, suffices to Belvedere Palace, the Royal Castle and many other unusual and surprising buildings. Of course, here you can not miss the Royal Baths, which are special garden, destination for excursion and recreation.
Noteworthy is the Vistula. It is the longest river in Poland, and Warsaw is built around it. Wisła crosses the city, but also has its charms. On the banks of the river you can relax, you can meet with friends, you can relax with your family. It’s a great solution for those who can not choose somewhere further out of town, often due to lack of time. So they can relax in a nice natural setting in.
Added to this is a very rich cultural offer, from theaters, museums and cinemas. You can see interesting exhibitions, visit the thematic, specialist museums. You can just very active and in interesting way spend practically all your holiday.