Nowadays, plenty of Polish people are traveling whole around the world. We are having exotic vacations in Thailand, enjoying ride on the elephant. We are visiting our relatives in United Kingdom, and having a city break in Paris or Barcelona. But if you like, you can also explore United States, one of the most interesting countries in entire planet. There are many cities worth to be seen, like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami or Philadelphia. But one of the most fascinating place to visit in there is Big Apple, for sure.

If you are looking for the cheapest way to travel to USA, you should book flights to New York from Warsaw or Berlin. It could be even couple times cheaper then if you fly directly to Los Angeles. Also, when you get to Big Apple, and you feel like to visit California, you can book domestic flights. Ticket from one cost of America to another cost sometimes less then 200 dollars. But before you book your flights to New York, you need to get visa. You should arrange a meeting in American consulate (in Krakow or Warsaw) and go there in correct time with all papers needed. You will answer in there for couple questions, and after it, you will have a big chance to get your visa. Also, if you are going to States, do not take any kind of food into your luggage, even this checked. it is

When you decide to book flights to New York, do not miss a sightseeing of this great city. First of all, you need to go to Manhattan, to see skyscrapers on your own eyes. There are couple dozens very tall buildings, that had change the landscape of Big Apple for good. If you like to spend some time on a fresh air, you should visit Central Park. It is huge area of green situated in the middle of Manhattan. You can eat in there lunch on a grass, play some ball with your friends, meet local people. But do not go there after dark, cause some parts of park are very dangerous. If you like to see nice panorama of New York, you should go to Statue of Liberty. This figure, true signature of the city, is situated on the small island, you can go there by ferry. There are three view terrace, one is situated in the crown of a lady.

If you choose flights to New York, you won’t regret it. It is the cheapest option to get to this part of the world, you can fly from there to California or Florida, using domestic flights. But after you arrive in Big Apple, spare couple of your days for sightseeing, cause this city is really worth to be explored.