Have you ever heard about the program called Miles and More? This program might be especially interesting for you if you flight often. Thanks to Miles and More, you are able to gain plenty of various, very attractive bonuses. Therefore, it is worth to spend some time to read about it and become familiar with the program as well as its main rules. In exchange, you will receive plenty of benefits.

So what is Miles and More? It  is the name of the biggest loyalty program in Europe intended for those, who often travel. The main goal and aim of the program is pretty simple – the more you travel, the more miles you earn, the more privilege you receive. Nowadays, thirteen European airlines are involved in the program – see more. Possibly, the number will be bigger in the future. Thanks to that, it is easy to gain new miles almost every time you flight in Europe, as many airlines are already participating in the program.

To become a member of the program, you need to register online. It is very easy to find registration website in many different languages. Initially, you will receive an online version of the card, which you can print by yourself.  It is an temporary, paper card. The ordinary plastic card will be sent right after collecting first miles in your account. Once you receive the card, you will gain an access to all online services.
Once you are registered, you can start collecting miles. You will need to present your card while booking tickets as well as while doing check-in procedure. Every time you travel with airline that is a partner of the program, you will gain specific number of miles. It will depend on such factors as flight distance and type of class you booked – obviously for business class the number of gained miles will be higher than for the business one.

Within the program it is possible to earn miles in various ways, not only by booking flight tickets. For example, miles can be also gained while booking a room in one of the hotels that are partners in the program. The full list of such hotels is available on the program’s website. In such case, the amount spent for accommodation is calculated into number of miles which you will gain. But the program goes even further. You can gain miles in almost every services connected with travel. Program partners are various insurance companies, shops, car rental companies and so on. Thanks to this it is even easier to collect miles.

You can exchange collected miles not only for flight tickets in specific airlines, but also for various upgrades  (as priority on waiting list or bigger free luggage allowance) as well as products from online shop.