Planning your free time it is a real pleasure. We determine where we go, what we will see where we will stay. Before that, we determine what kind of rest is the most important and is at the forefront. Does it have to be in contact with nature, rest surrounded by nature, or is it to be interesting and active time filled with sightseeing and learning about new places. A lot depends on your personal preferences and tastes. But, after all, a vacation in the city may be an unusual and very interesting experience, especially if well and thoroughly this city will be selected.
Poznan is a great place for the vacation. Not only is the city of tradition and a very interesting story, but it is also very beautiful architecturally interesting organized and planned, and more than it offers many interesting activities, both cultural, entertainment, and tourism.

Poznan is located in western Poland and is characterized by the typical architecture of that part of the country. It is one of the largest cities in the country, both in terms of area and population, which it resides. It is one of the centers of Polish academic, scientific and cultural. Its location makes it has also become an important transport hub. To build airports and only strengthened this position.
The geographical location of the city makes it possible to enjoy really beautiful views. A large part is because it is located on the plateau, and more than one-third of the city is a riverside areas. The location on the Warta also affected the development of river transport and making the city one of the important river ports.
Undoubtedly, recreational interesting fact is that the city has several diverse bodies of water, both natural and artificial. This makes it that at any time you can go to the water, not traversing long stretches of road, which we must admit is not without significance.Poznan
In the town there is also a lot of greenery. This makes walking the streets of Poznan becomes much fun and very interesting. The green areas are numerous and very interestingly arranged. The city breathes through them and becomes a kind of specific lightness. It becomes more spacious.
You can not also skip the monuments located in Poznan, the Raczynski Library, The Citadel, the system of fortifications called the Fortress Poznan, or even the Old Town. It is thus seen that being in Poznan you can spend your time very interesting and attractive. This is what to do and where to go. Everyone will find something interesting. You can go sightseeing, go to the theater or museum, but also you can relax by the water. Depending on what someone likes.