Even though more and more people use flight connections to travel within one country, the international flight connections are still the most popular one. However, if you are going to have an international flights, there are some things that should be checked, prepared and be aware of. Thanks to that, you could prepare for the international as good as possible. It will definitely make your trip easier, more pleasant and less stressful.
If you take an international flight, you need to have with you documents that confirm your identity. If you are an EU citizen, ID would be enough while travelling within two EU countries. If you plan to travel outside, then you will need to have a passport with you. It is important to remember, that you should have with you the same document which details you provided within the online check-in. Furthermore, no other documents than passport or ID are valid on international flights. Forget about driving license. What is more, it would be easier for you to keep your document and visa in easily reachable place. During international travel, you would be often asked to present it. Keep it handy.plane-102456_640

International flights require to be at the airport much earlier than domestic flights. Remember about it! Otherwise, you might be refused to enter the board. It is also important to remember that time that you need to be at the airport prior your flight will vary depending ig you travel within the same continent or further (for example from Europe to Asia or Africa). It is useful to check this information on the website of the airline – see more.

If you have travelled by plane before, you are probably already aware about items that are prohibited on the luggage. However, if you have international flight, it is worth to check which additional products and items are prohibited in the country of destination. Even if during the check-in at the departure nobody will question your luggage, some items might still be confiscated at the departure. For example, there are some certain medicines, plants or even food, that are allowed in Europe, might be prohibited in the United States.

Very often, international flights connects cities in different time zones. Because of this, you might face jet lag. It is useful to be prepared for it and don’t plan too many activities for the first day after arrival. You might also reduce jet lag while still on the board, by drinking plenty of mineral water on the board, as well as avoiding caffeine products and alcohol.