Couple of years ago flights to the North America started to be cheaper. Nowadays, to visit United States we don’t have to be wealthy, cause with good planning we can pay for a ticket very reasonable price. If you like to visit one of the most popular city, New York, without spending too much cash, you need to fallow those instructions below.


Unfortunately still Polish people who like to visit United States for vacation, need to get a travel visa first. And entire process isn’t very easy, you need to book an interview with American consul on the official website of embassy. In the same place you will also find list of documents which you need to collect and fill up. You will be waiting at least several weeks for your turn, and remember that you need to visit consul in person, in Warsaw or Cracow. Not everybody is getting visa, it depends on decision of consul, so you better wait till the verdict before you book the flight to New York.

Airplane and accommodation

Trip New YorkThe cheapest option to get to the Big Apple is by plane, using flights from London/Berlin to New York. Even if you like to travel to Los Angeles for example you should start from NYC and then book a domestic flight in there, it is very cheap option. Unfortunately the accommodation is very expensive in States, especially in NYC. However nowadays you may rent an apartment from private person, there are special websites available online, in which you may book some decent room. You can also try in a hostel, those with shared bedrooms will be in very reasonable price, but remember that you will have to share a room with other people.


A trip to New York is phenomenal option to see many of popular monuments, which we saw earlier in movies or TV series. The symbol of entire America is Statue of Liberty, a gift from the Frenchmen, situated close to the shore of Manhattan. You can reach it by renting a ferry, in the crown of the statue observational deck is situated. Another nice monuments are Chrysler and Empire State Buildings, amazing, Art Deco objects, constructed in the beginning of the twentieth century. Entire Manhattan is filled with skyscrapers, but those two are the most sophisticated. If you like to spend some time on the area of green, take a walk to the Central Park, huge area situated in the center of Manhattan. If you like animals you should take a tour to the Bronx, another district of New York, where one of the biggest zoologist gardens in the world is situated.