Since last dozen years, a lot of things changed in Poland. We became part of European Union, so borders are open for us since then. Thanks to that, a lot of people start to work in United Kingdom or Netherlands. But not only on work field changes happened. Now, we have also plenty new companies in Poland, which are offering citizens jobs and also serving people, like airline companies. Now we have several different carriers instead of one, so flights are very cheap, also domestic ones. So if you are travel from time to time, you should consider to choose a plane as your mode of transportation.

gdansk-429486_640If you are living near to the Baltic sea and you like to visit ( our capital, you should book airline tickets Gdansk – Warsaw. It will be much faster then trip by a car or train, and also safer. And you don’t need to be afraid about costs, cause thanks to cheap domestic flights, you can travel for couple zlotych if you get lucky. But what to do to find cheapest tickets? First of all, you need to start looking for them even half year before your trip. It will give you guarantee of the lowest, possible price. Also, you can book last minute tickets for next day, also i reasonable cost. You can save a lot of money on baggage, choosing only carry -on, without checked luggage.

And what interesting you could see, after you realize airline tickets Gdansk – Warsaw? A lot of interesting thing. If you have never been to our capital, you should do it immediately. Maybe it is not so pretty as Wroclaw or Krakow, but it is still charming. It was build in sixteenth century, when cities were no longer planned with a main square in the middle. That is why you won’t find in there typical old town, also because part of Warsaw was ruined during the World War Two. But you can still visit a Royal Castle, a magnificent example of Renaissance movement. Entire building is open for visitors to see, so you should take a tour, especially if you are interested in historical interior design. And off course, you cannot miss Palace of Culture and Science, true signature of the city. It is nice example of Socialist Realism, and at the top of it, you will enjoy great view over the entire city.

If you like to explore our capital, book airline tickets Gdansk – Warsaw immediately. It will be better then trip by a car, and you can even save some money on it, if you will fallow those rules above. And the city is filled of interesting places, so you will find in there something interesting for you.