Capital of Netherlands is known for it liberal law for almost everything. Thanks to that, year after year more tourists are spending their holidays in Amsterdam. But these beautiful city is not only a Red Light District or “Coffee” shops. It is charming, historical city with plenty of attractions. Even during your business meeting you will be able to see some of it. But you have to leave your hotel room first!


Netherlands painters are one of the most famous group. They use to create totally new point of view, their minimalistic and reflecting canvas changed the face of European art. Most of this painters you will be able to admire in this National Gallery. From the Middle Age to the newest pieces, this museum will take you to a travel trough decades of history of this beautiful land. Rembrandt, Vermeer van Delft, Frans Hals and many, many more artists are waiting there for you.

Ann Frank’s House

This one of a kind museum, is dedicated to young, but brave girl, which thanks to her dairy, became signature of innocent victims of World War One. In this house Ann and her family use to hide before Nazis  occupation in Amsterdam during the war.  This Jewish family spend here couple years, during which young girl described all the events in her dairy. In this museum you will find this manuscript, a lot of personal objects of Miss Frank, small room at the roof top, where they use to hide. It will be unforgettable experience for You. Amsterdam


If you just want to hang out and do nothing, go to this area. A lot of fountains, laws, friendly people having fun – it is most popular venue in Amsterdam. Every weekend, citizens are meeting here with their friends and families, having lunch on the grass, listening to concerts, taking part in cultural events. Also, every Sunday, there are plays by amateur theater groups. The signature of this place is sculpture of big fish, created by Pablo Picasso in 1965.

Heineken Experience

If you are a beer fan, you have to see these interactive museum of brewery history. You will be able to watch movies showing oldest times of this label, and it path from small, craft brewery to one of the biggest brands of the world. It is one of the biggest tourists attractions of Amsterdam, every year, over half million visitors are exploring it.  At the end of your tour, you will be able to grab a pint of Heineken, of course. Do not think too long, plan your trip to the Netherlands today. You can enlist the help of this site.

Amsterdam is a nice, charming city, with a lot to offer. It is perfect place to rest after stressful meetings with investors. Friendly people, many attractions, beautiful landscape – what more could you want?