Sometimes, particular cities might be located quite far away from each other, even in different countries, but at the same time – be still quite similar. Obviously, there are some different aspects of them, they look different at the first glimpse and even architecture makes it look totally different. However, if you take a closer look at them, at try to observe from a little bit different perspective than usual, some common characteristic will be noticed, and those cities will seem to you to be much more similar to each other than you ever thought before or could even imagine. And this brief article will present examples of such two cities, both located in Europe, but at its two different ends – one at the Northern one, the second one at the Southern one.

Venice is located at the Adriatic sea – fly with LOT Airlines. The way how the city is build, designed and how it looks today, was determined to a large extent by the fact, that it is at the water. In the historical part of the city, houses and other buildings are located directly next to the water, therefore people travel by water way – through canals. Even though Gdansk is not stretched over islands, the city also is located at the sea. Saying more precisely – the city is located on the southern edge of Gdansk Bay that lays on the Baltic sea. City has played a very important role in the region due to its location and an access to the sea. The seaport in Gdansk is one of the most important one in the region right until today! Even though, both cities, as already mentioned, are located at the seaside, what have influenced largely the histories of the cities as well as its architecture, there is also one more common thing regarding this aspect – the modern part of the cities, located further away from the sea, look like many other modern European cities.venice-1035632_640

Furthermore, both cities host very interesting museums. Even though they present different cultures and histories, both cities are commonly known for its amazing museums. For example, in Venice you can visit such amazing museums as  Il Genio di Leonardo da Vinci Museo , Ca’ Rezzonico, Museo Correr, Museum of Music or even Museo di Storia Naturale. While visiting Gdansk, you will fall in love with European Solidarity Center, Museum of Gdansk History or Archaeological Museum.
Do you think you could list even more similarities between those cities? They definitely exist! Or maybe it would be worth to visit these two cities and find more common characteristic during the holiday trip?