For people, who need much more space for they belongings, airline companies offering option of checking baggage. it is much more bigger then carry-on, and you may packed there items forbidden on board. But there are couple rules you need to follow, even with this type of luggage, otherwise you may need to pay additional price for it.

The most important thing is size of your case. Each carrier and each class has different dimension allowed, so make sure to check it at your airline’s website, before you buy new valise – check on Cause in extreme situation if it will be to huge, flying attend may refuse to take it to the cabin. The same is with weight. After you packed everything, put your bag on the scale, just to make sure it is not excess, if so, consider to repacked and leave couple items. If you don’t want to, you may call help line and warn they, that your baggage will be to heavy. You will pay extra for it, but it will be much more cheaper this way. But remember – your suitcase cannot be heavier then 32 kilo, if so, you will be request to split your belongings into two different bags and pay for additional baggage. If you are traveling with some friend, you may share a bag, especially if you are planning to stay at the same hotel. Also, maybe she has some additional space inside her valise, and you may put there your extra kilos.
Other important think is to know how to pack your bags. If you has any expensive items, like camera or laptop for instant, consider to take it on board with you, instead putting it inside checked baggage. It may get broken and, in extreme situations, stolen. All fragile objects you will protect from any damages by covering it with your wardrobe. Sometimes, bags at cabin are treating rough, so it may get broken. Make sure, that you don’t have any recipe from your past journey on it, otherwise your valise may get send to totally different airport.
You cannot pack inside your checked baggage all sort of different materials.
Diving equipment: it should be located in dedicated, sport baggage;
Weapons: Even if you have a licence for it, you shouldn’t carry it inside regular bag, you need to report it and buy additional luggage.
Hazardous materials: Items under pressure, poisons, acids, more then 70% alcohol – all of it is strictly forbidden in a plane.

Checked baggage is a very nice option when we are planning to leave for a longer period of time. We will fit there all wardrobe necessary, any additional cosmetics, to big to go to carry-on.