The Mediterranean holidays is for many people the best way to relax, spending time in active way combined with the possibility of visiting the most magnificent monuments of Southern Europe.Of all the countries in the Mediterranean region are really popular destination of travel, like Portugal, Spain, IItaly and Greece.The things in common for these countries are: a unique passion, fine dining and the way of life. Each of them has an unforgettable atmosphere.
Anyone who chooses to spedning holiday in Spain, has the opportunity to experience the colorful life of the Spanish nation. 

Fiery flamenco Seville (see more), capricious and amazing architecture of Barcelona offer a great cultural mix that inspires people from all over the world. Who is looking for fun can takes part in many fiestas, including the most famous, celebrates in the second half of May in Madrid, the Fiesta de San Isidro. It also a starting day of the famous Spanish bullfighting season’s. Portugal delights with impressive castles, fishing villages and beautiful coastline unprecedented elsewhere. Memories of many cultures, in the form of numerous monuments and preserved traditions makes this country very interesting.The most popular tourist destinations in Portugal is, the capital and largest city, Lisbon. It is considered as the one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, as well as Porto. Many people choose to travel alone to Portugal – home of fado and long tradition of sailing – to visit this land filled with history.

Long and rich tourist tradition make the people who come to Italy for a vacation feel really great here. Hidden among the hills, Italian vineyards or the ancient Etruscan village, where life continues as centuries ago create an extraordinary charm. What is more, travel there is also a possibility to visit the oldest and most magnificent monuments of the world, gallery featuring the works of the greatest artists of our epoch. True fans of ancient architecture and the Mediterranean climate can not ignore in their travel plans for Greece. Regarded as the cradle of Western civilization, Greece has incredibly much to offer. It is famous for its wealth of savory flavors of delicious traditional dishes. Greek cuisine is considered as one of the best in the world. It has also an incredibly rich history, especially this associated with its capital – Athens, the city, where democracy was born. Visiting Athens is a real journey in time. There’s no denying that the Mediterranean region is, and for many years it will be extremely attractive tourist area for visitors from all over the world.