Today I would like to encourage you to relax in a wonderful city which is in Zagreb. What is Zagreb? For start some basic information.


Zagreb is the capital of the Republic od Croatia and it is located in the northwest of the country, along the Sava river. By the way is the largest city in this country. You should know that Zagreb is one of the oldest cities in Europe and one of the youngest capital city on the continent. It is close to the million-metropolis, which has maintained an intimate atmosphere – you will not find here the metropolitan pomposity. There are no skyscrapers, messy road arteries, giant traffic jams and rushing in a hurry businessmen. But I think just on that we should end. Better find out what it is worth visiting.

So what’s it worth to see in Zagreb?

For a start it is worth visiting the longest street in Zagreb – Ilica street. Here you can sit in one of the many cafes, restaurants and admire the compositions Croats – are calm, smiling, not hurrying anywhere.

Another place to visit is the square Josip Jelacic. There are restored neoclassical, Art Nouveau and modernist buildings. Very interesting and popular place is Neboder – high-rise built in the time of socialism, glass and aluminum. Today, thanks to the terrazzo floor widokowemu it allows to admire the panorama of the city – the view is breathtaking, you have to see it!

Worth a visit is also the Upper Town and Kaptol, mainly where you can learn about interesting attractions religious and national. Gornji Grad (“Upper Town”) or Gradec is the historical nucleus of Zagreb. In turn, the Kaptol is a historical settlement in Zagreb formed around the Zagreb Cathedral –

You should also see the Stone Gate, the only gate that remained of the four gates to the city. It is here that, after the great fire in 1731 that destroyed half of Zagreb, was found miraculously surviving wooden statue of the Virgin and Child. Today in the Stone Gate, you can always find someone praying for a miracle. And these miracles happen – this is confirmed by boards of thanksgiving that can be found next to the chapel.

The last suggestion is to visit the cathedral – it is the most powerful religious accent. The Cathedral has two towers, each of them has more than a hundred meters. Construction began in the thirteenth century, and it was really completed five centuries later. As a result of the construction this cathedral is a mixture of several architectural styles.

If you are tired of exploring this beautiful city and you want to relax, you have to taste regional dishes which is Schnitzel Zagreb and for dessert necessarily Cheese or Plum Strudel!