Asia is on of the most interesting direction for tourist who want to get know to the other cultures beyond the relatively small amount. Travel there and move between countries are becoming available to a wider group of tourists thanks to low-cost airlines. There are also a numerous methods to pay less for hotel and transfers, but only under the condition of travel independent, without the travel agency. Asia is becoming increasingly open to everyone with all its wealth. Among the most visited countries are, for example: Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China and Vietnam. 

One of the most popular travel destinations are Maledives. Not everyone knows that outside of expensive island, there is a possibility to enjoy the natural beauty at the local island of Maafushi. Besides lounging on sandy beach, one may explore the surrounding desert islands or swim with the dolphins.
The main point of the program during visiting the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is the Grand Palace (note the wearing of long trousers and shirts with sleeves) and characteristic Wat Arun, which perfect blends in with the sunset. You can also explore the capital of Thailand in a different way: walk along throughout the city channels, buy a Buddhist statues, pictures and perfume at the local market with antiques or enjoy a cold beer on Rambuttri – slightly more calm version of the famous Khao San Road –
For undiscovered treasures in Asia can be regarded Philippines and Palawan. Covered with rubber trees and coconut palms island can become a starting point for exploring the surrounding paradise islands located along the Pacific Ocean.

Much more tidy, than the capital of Japan – Tokyo is Oska.There is also a city where you may found everything you want from the big city – a choice of restaurants, shopping centers and fantastic architecture. The icing on the cake is the sense of humor of Osaka residents.
For this one, who chooses Chine, Shanghai should become one of the one of the points of travel. Space, ultra-modern city located on the Yangtze River. About Shanghai says that it is open to the world, the international face of China. Its wealth owes mainly to the English, French and Japanese, who had started modest fishing village in the world harbor dealing in tea, silk and … opium.Traveling to China, you may visit aslo the Beijing It is a vibrant, huge city, where the past is mixed with modernity, creating numerous contrasts. Tall skyscrapers and exclusive hotels and modern buildings that appeared in connection with the Olympics are located next to the narrow streets of the traditional hutongs.


Asia is a huge and extremely diverse economically and culturally continent.There are more unusual and magical places to visit there, as well as a numerous of myths about traveling to Asia, that are often untrues. It definitely worth to explore this continent on one’s own.