Holidays are getting closer and closer. Some people have already started their holidays. Some of them are still waiting for this moment, but have been planning it for months. If you haven’t managed to plan your holidays yet, do not worry. It is possible to still have amazing holidays without planning it for months. Furthermore, if you are concerned about money and that you simply do not have enough to have great holidays – you also should not be worried. This short article will show you examples of two magical cities, which have many attractions you can visit totally for free!

the-cathedral-427935_640If you plan to travel from Warsaw Vienna might be a perfect place. This city has plenty to offer for everybody that tries to avoid high cost and expensive holidays. For instance, there are a lot of museum which you can visit totally for free! Some of them are free all the time (for example, Geldmuseum, Kunsthalle am Karlsplatz, Bezirksmuseen), some of them you can visit for free on the first Sunday of every month (for example Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, Wienmuseum Hermesvilla or even Wien Museum am Karlsplatz). Furthermore, since the end of June until the beginning of September, the summer cinema in front of the Viennese Civil hall is open. Watching movies on a 300 square-meter screen is a magical experience. Just make sure to come there earlier, as it is extremely popular and number of seats is limited. During the summer there is also famous „Donauinselfest“ – the biggest open air music festival in Europe. And it is for free! All you need to do is to check dates and make sure that you will be in Vienna at the right time. You shouldn’t be also too concerned about prices of flight tickets – There are many direct flights on the route Warsaw Vienna, thus due to competition, prices are very reasonable.

Another city, that has a lot free attractions is Munich. First of all, you can visit Schloss Nymphenburg. Even though you need to pay to enter the museum inside the castle, walking around breath taking garden is for free! This castle was the main summer residence for various rulers or Bavaria, therefore fantastic views are guaranteed! Later on, you should definitely visit BMW Welt, which is an exhibition of new BMW models. Even those people who are not fans of cars, will definitely fall in love with the architecture of this unique Munich building! It is also worth to visit the Olympic Park. Even though olympic games were conducted there quite long ago (in 1972), it is still possible to feel the sportsmanship climate there!